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Our Story

With deep-rooted passions for clean skincare and ethical fashion, I created Natural Baller to provide women with guilt-free products that would help them look and feel their best, without using harmful chemicals or business practices that devastate the environment. Our skincare is made up of natural and organic ingredients, cruelty free, free of artificial fragrances, parabens and phthalates, and is all made in the USA. It is the perfect collection of gentle, yet effective products to illuminate your filter-free glow! Our clothing is also made domestically, with carefully sourced materials that are functional, insanely comfortable, and eco-friendly. Our clothing is versatile, fashionable, and serves as a powerful reminder that you are (and always have been) a Baller.

In addition to building a feel-good lifestyle brand, I created Natural Baller to become a counteracting force to the negativity which often results from all of the highlight reels women are following online. I know the support of my family and the communities I’m a part of is what has instilled the confidence in me to love myself the way I am. I also know many women don’t have such an uplifting support system. Through Natural Baller, I hope to create a community that provides young women with unconditional acceptance, like that one family member who loves you for who you are, that one friend who is always hyping you up, and that one teacher who reminds you how smart you are. Ultimately, I created Natural Baller because I know young women need a support system and source of feel-good products and content. I know this because I need these things, too - we all do, and we are all worthy of them.