Meet Our Founder

My name is Julia Veome, and I created Natural Baller because I saw the need for a skincare brand that all women could relate to and trust. The world of social media has led to a society where women are judged and critiqued constantly for their looks. The less clothing and the more makeup we wear, the more "likes" and comments we get. We filter everything from our selfies to images of sunsets and flowers. As we see this happening all around us, we start to develop a mindset that nothing is beautiful until a filter is put on it.
Trying to keep up with social media and constantly feeling like we have to look a certain way to impress people is exhausting! There is no single image of beauty, and we all have something fresh and unique to bring to the table. I wanted to create a skincare brand that reminds women beauty is something to feel confident about, not stress over. In addition, I wanted to develop a brand that celebrates women for their accomplishments and not solely for their looks. Natural Baller is a skincare line made up of pure and organic ingredients that help nourish the skin and provide women with the perfect tools to enhance their natural features. I want my customers to feel empowered to pursue their passions and confident in their bare skin. Embracing real moments and natural beauty is coming back in style, and it’s about time us women set our inner ballers free.