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Free At-Home Workouts to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Free At-Home Workouts to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Year after year “exercise more” is one of the most widespread New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. While being active is a positive resolution, we often put too much pressure on ourselves at the beginning of each new year, which ultimately increases our chances of falling short of our goals. I have found that when I intentionally plan a long and difficult workout, I wake up dreading it. As opposed to starting off with a bang and jumping into a few hard workouts a week, I suggest giving yourself a more friendly and sustainable goal. Try kicking off 2021 with a goal to “move your body everyday.”

The last few months, I made a change to my mindset by committing to get up and move for 30 minutes each day, in whatever way felt good for my body. Not only did I start to look forward to the morning, but I actually felt motivated to challenge myself with more strenuous workouts a few days a week. 

Below I comprised a list of some of my favorite FREE at-home workouts to help you stay motivated and stay consistent in your 2021 goals. They range in length, workout style, and level of difficulty - so there's something for everyone!

POPSUGAR Fitness: For mixing it up

I found POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube at the beginning of quarantine and I am SO grateful! These workouts are free and there is such a great variety. Some of my favorites are linked below, but check out their YouTube channel for more. 

-Dance Cardio:

-Arms + Abs:

-Barre Workout:

CorePower Yoga: For the aspiring at-home yogi

I was a member at CorePower pre-covid and I absolutely loved their classes. Over the summer I found their YouTube page and it is such a great resource for yoga at home. You can stream their workouts live or choose from their On Demand classes. I love a good 60 minute yoga sculpt when I want to feel strong and break a good sweat, and I also love their 5 minute meditations on Sunday mornings!

Walking: For the fresh air restart

I typically give myself a break on the weekends, but I still like to get some form of movement in so I don’t feel sluggish come Monday morning. A Saturday morning stroll is a great way to get those legs moving, get some fresh air, and catch up with a loved one either on the phone or in person as your walking buddy! 

Fitness Influencers: For the motivational and interactive inspo

Many fitness coaches turned to Instagram when their studios shut down as a way to remain connected with their members. Some of my favorite fitness influencers that often go live or post with fun and challenging workouts are:

-Megan Roup

-Jeanette Jenkins

Don’t forget that even if you may not want to work out before you start, you will ALWAYS feel better when you finish - no matter what movement you take part in. Here’s to 2021 being our strongest year yet! 


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