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Back to School Essentials - Written By Patricia Walczuk, NB Intern

Back to School Essentials - Written By Patricia Walczuk, NB Intern

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re a senior embarking on your last year or a freshman new to campus, packing for school can be overwhelming. This list of essentials is sure to simplify your packing experience and set you up for your best school year yet. I’m a senior this year at DePaul in Chicago, and like many of you I missed out on part of my college experience when the pandemic hit. As we transition back into mostly in person classes and (hopefully) a more normalized school year, these essentials will have you feeling like your best self! 


1. A Planner 

A planner is a lifesaver in college. It’ll balance your workload, work schedule, and social life and really keep you on track for success! You can find cute and affordable options at Target or Walmart, or check out May Designs or Erin Condren for more personalized options. I love when my planner has a space to write my goals for the week to motivate me to do things other than school!


2. Wireless Headphones

Whether you're working out at the gym or studying in the library, headphones are a must. I personally love my airpod pros, but they are pretty expensive. Before my airpods, I had a pair off Amazon that were around $30 and worked just as well if you aren’t trying to break the bank. 


3. Natural Baller Lip Balm

I carry my Natural Baller Lip Balm with me everywhere I go. I love to apply it during class for a little self-care pick-me-up and to keep my lips hydrated while adding a little bit of shine! Not to mention it’s extremely clean! Dye, paraben free, and cruelty free!


4. A Large Tote

As you get more comfortable on campus, you’ll realize how long your days can really get. From classes to work to the gym to other extracurriculars, college students have a lot going on! I always recommend having a large tote that you can carry your books in and anything else you may need like a snack, an extra outfit, or some items to freshen up throughout the day. A tote is cute and practical for on campus life.


5. A Pair of Sneakers with a Thicker Sole

We can’t forget about the social side of college! From rush week and orientations to tailgates and parties, you will have the best time meeting so many new people! Your feet, however, may have a hard time keeping up! I recommend girls have 1-2 pairs of shoes that are just as comfortable as they are cute. You can’t go wrong with an all white sneaker, and something with a thicker sole will offer you some height and look super sleek and trendy!


6. Natural Baller Loungewear Set 

For those late nights studying or morning coffee runs, I think it’s super important to have a cute matching set. Natural Baller has the softest sets you’ll ever feel in a variety of styles. I personally love the new Self-Love Sets! You don’t have to worry about putting an outfit together because they are sold as a set, but I also love to mix and match the pieces with other tops and bottoms in my closet. If you are looking for something a little warmer, the Relax joggers and crewneck have become my go-to for on campus and travel days! 


7. The Perfect Pair of Straight Leg Jeans

In my opinion, every girl needs that perfect pair of go-to jeans. Whether you're heading to class or out to meet friends, a cute top and your fav pair of jeans is an unbeatable combo. Straight leg jeans are all the rave right now and honestly are more comfortable than the average skinny jean. Make sure you don’t forget to pack this essential!


8. Natural Baller Body Love Set

As the weather gets colder we need to put a lot more effort into caring for our skin! The Natural Baller Body Love Set comes with a body scrub and lotion that’ll leave your skin so soft and luscious you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t buy it sooner. Not to mention the lotion has such an amazing scent AND the whole set is only $29! Such a steal. 


9. A Reusable Water Bottle 

It’s so important for both your skin and your overall health to stay hydrated. As students, we’re constantly on the go. Oftentimes we forget to actually sit down, have a meal and drink water! A water bottle serves as a reminder to drink water and will keep you feeling healthy and hydrated all week long. 


10. Relax Mud Mask

Last but not least is the Natural Baller Relax Mud Mask! School can be stressful and after a long day all we really need is to change into some comfy loungewear and do a quick face mask. Not only is it relaxing, but it’ll cleanse your pores of any dirt or bacteria. It’s a 2 for 1 deal! I couldn’t go back to school without mine!



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