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5 Tips for Eliminating Maskne and Getting Your Glow Back

Posted by Julia Veome on
5 Tips for Eliminating Maskne and Getting Your Glow Back

In 2020 fashion, Halloween is hitting different this year. While in the past my biggest fears were my lack of control around a Reese’s peanut butter cup and lack of desire to dress up in a skimpy costume- this year, it’s what’s underneath the mask that is most frightening. Thank you, maskne. If you too are struggling with irritation, redness, and breakouts from wearing a mask, you are not alone. While masks might be part of our new normal, maskne is a fall horror none of us have to take part in. 

Here are our 5 tips for eliminating maskne and getting your glow back!

1. Wash your face pre-mask. 

Masks trap heat on our faces and apply friction to our skin, which is a recipe for breakouts. To prevent dirt and oil from clogging your pores, wash your face with Natural Baller’s Energize Cleanser before putting on your mask. A gentle yet effective cleanser, this product is free of artificial fragrances and oils and will provide your skin with a clean base.

2. Moisturize.

It is especially important during these Fall and Winter months to keep our skin hydrated. Natural Baller’s Hydrate Moisturizer will nourish your skin and serve as a barrier between your skin and your mask, lessening your chances of a breakout. 

3. Spot Treat. 

Since we are expected to wear masks despite our breakouts, it is common for maskne to become irritated, and in some cases, even cystic. Spot treat with our Relax Mud Mask to help suck the junk out of your pores before these spots become irritated. Another natural spot treatment I like to use is a simple tea tree oil

4. Ditch the makeup.

Wearing makeup under your mask contributes to the clogging of pores and can dampen your mask, making it even less pleasant to wear and more likely to cause friction on your skin. Wearing masks everywhere is stressful enough, don’t complicate things by applying a face full of makeup! 

5. Wash your mask. 

Masks trap dirt and bacteria and soak up our sweat which is why it’s crucial to wash or change your masks frequently. If possible, wash your masks with a fragrance free detergent to further prevent irritation.

We know having maskne is stressful and frustrating, but remember that it’s a considerate step you’re taking to keep you and your community safe. If you find yourself getting discouraged, cut yourself some slack. Remind yourself that 1) your breakout won’t last forever, and 2) following these tips will get you on the road to recovery!


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