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15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for a More Positive and Productive Feed

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for a More Positive and Productive Feed

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was to discuss better ways to use social media. So, here is my first attempt at changing your Instagram feed for the better! 

I had a professor in college that was a little bit older and had a very unconventional teaching style. He often burst out yelling about something he was passionate about and started each class by telling us the thoughts he had while walking his dog that day. His personality occasionally made it hard to take him seriously, but one day he said something that really made me think. 

He pulled out his phone and held it up in the air and said “This should be your greatest tool. Kids these days are growing up with more opportunity and more access to information than anyone ever before and somehow you are the most stressed out group of humans to ever live.” 

Of course, this comment had the wheels in my head turning. I realized that we are not stressed because social media exists. Social media gives us access to connections and information we could not find anywhere else. The reality is that we feel insecure because of the accounts we CHOOSE to follow. If your feed is made up of influencers that you think are skinnier and prettier than you, or travel bloggers who jet off to a new island every week, or even just people your age that you might think have the perfect relationship or cutest clothes, you are bound to end up feeling like your life just doesn’t match up. Since it has become so common for us to essentially fill our feeds with people we are jealous of, I compiled a list of 15 accounts that will not only teach and inspire you, but might also leave you feeling better about yourself when you close out your Instagram app - imagine that! 


1. The Financial Diet - @thefinancialdiet

One way to make yourself feel independent and confident as a young woman is by understanding your finances. Let’s face it, when you graduate you realize that college did not prepare you to budget, pay taxes, invest your money, etc. This account is like a finance handbook for young individuals braving the real world. You will learn from and enjoy their relatable and enlightening posts about budgeting, marketing yourself, tips for post-grad life, and much more. 

2. Money Focus - @money.focus

In comparison to The Financial Diet, this account is not as aesthetically pleasing and may not have as friendly of a tone. However, Money Focus posts graphics that are straight to the point and very eye-opening. This is one of those accounts that keeps it real and will inspire you to be better than the person you were yesterday. You will definitely learn a thing or two from this page! 

3. Gary Vaynerchuk - @garyvee

Talk about keeping it real! Gary Vaynerchuk is essentially a badass entrepreneur that will motivate you to get your butt off of the couch and become the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Sheryl Sandberg, or whoever it is that you look up to. He does a lot with IGTV and provides great video content that is just as inspiring as it is informational. 

4. TED Talks - @ted 

TED Talks are full of brilliant ideas. Their Instagram page not only shares beautiful stories, but is also full of fun facts about our planet and the people residing on it. The saying “you learn something new everyday” is 100% accurate if you are following this account. If you are not learning new things from your Instagram feed, you are doing it all wrong! 

5. National Geographic - @natgeo

National Geographic is a great account to mix in with all of the travel bloggers you are following. It will keep you in the loop on important news stories and show you the wonders of the world through the eyes of @natgeo photographers. Trust me, you will appreciate seeing photos of the world that are not taken at the same “insta-worthy” places or filtered to fit the aesthetic of a personal page. 

6. Humans of New York - @humansofny

If you are not already following this wildly popular account, you definitely should be! Whether you live in New York or have never been there in your life, this account is relatable and refreshing. Featuring the stories of real people from all walks of life, this account will humble you and make you appreciate every individual’s story. The perfect account to balance out the highlight reels that likely flood your feed. 

7. Bucket Listers - @bucketlisters 

In my opinion, this account provides a much healthier look at the best things to do around the world. Unlike following a travel blogger, this account does not follow one single individual that gets to travel way more than you do. Each post you see features different people, because the reality is that the average person does not have the time or money to travel the world all year. This account also features a lot more adventurous experiences than many of the fashion/travel bloggers you probably follow! Save your favorite posts and begin to form a bucket list of the places you would truly love to experience. Then, after you hustle your butt off to get that vacation time, check off all of your dream trips one at a time. 

8. PopSugar Fitness - @popsugarfitness

I love an account that can post about celebrities and also post relatable at-home workouts and affordable, healthy recipes. I constantly find myself saving their workout routines to do on the days I just can’t make it to the gym. This account also mixes in a good amount of humorous quotes and memes that make it the perfect account to stalk when you need to put yourself in a better mood. Not to mention they often highlight strong female athletes! #GIRLPOWER

9. Carissa Stanton - @broccyourbody

Okay this one is a bit personal. I am aware there are a ton of food bloggers out there that you probably love to follow. Here is why I recommend Carissa Stanton… Carissa’s @broccyourbody account is the most balanced food blogger account I follow. While she posts healthy recipes that are easy to follow, she is also not afraid to post her morning bagel (yes, she eats carbs!) or a delicious looking slice of pizza. She is a perfect reminder that, while it is important to eat healthy and take care of yourself, it is okay to treat yourself too! Carissa also opens up a lot on her account about her struggles with anxiety. Overall, she is a perfect reminder that the bloggers you are following are real people too and they face a lot of the same struggles we do! 

10. Rachel Hollis - @msrachelhollis

Not only should you be following Rachel’s Instagram, but her two books, Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, should be on your summer reading list as well. Rachel is a motivational girl boss with a vibrant energy that is contagious. She lives life with no filter and empowers others while she does it. If you have ever once found yourself feeling insecure about something, give her the follow and allow her to remind you of all of your worth. 

11. Ellen DeGeneres - @theellenshow

Ellen DeGeneres- we know her, we love her, and we should all be following her on Instagram. I cannot scroll through her page without smiling or laughing at some point. Whether she is scaring our favorite celebrities, sharing adorable photos of babies, or featuring a heartwarming story of an audience member that is an incredible human, Ellen is sure to brighten your day and remind you of all of the goodness in life. 

12. Create & Cultivate - @createcultivate

I am a firm believer that everyone should be following at least one account on Instagram that gets their creative juices flowing. Create & Cultivate shares the stories of female founders and women who are just getting it done! This is the perfect account to follow for some inspiration and to get into the habit of creating supportive communities of women. 

13. Athleta - @athleta 

Athleta is doing so many cool and inspiring things with their brand I don’t even know where to begin. Their Instagram page is guaranteed to motivate you to throw on your favorite leggings and get a good sweat in. They prove that strong is sexy and that women are powerful forces to be reckoned with. If caring about women isn’t enough, they care about the environment too! Athleta is one of the only brands I follow that doesn’t just say they are working to be more sustainable, they prove that they are. 60% of their materials are made with sustainable fibers, they use water-saving techniques, and they divert their waste from landfills. So, ditch all of the swimsuit brands you are following that make you feel like you need to shed some weight before putting on your bikini! Follow Athleta instead to make you appreciate your body.

14. Aerie - @aerie 

Just like Athleta, Aerie’s mission is amazing! Their photos are not edited or filtered and they highlight beautiful women of all different walks of life. Aerie provides content that allows you to perfectly envision yourself in their clothing and swimsuits because you can truly relate to the models in their ad campaigns. Not to mention their clothes are affordable, incredibly soft, and SO CUTE! Another brand that will definitely brighten up your feed!

15. Natural Baller - @naturalballerco

Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw Natural Baller into the list of accounts you should be following! We work to make all of our posts a positive addition to your feed and you will never see a filtered photo on our account. Our products will turn your skincare routine into your favorite part of your day and our feed will remind you how beautiful life is before you filter it. We look forward to using our page to highlight women who are confident in their natural skin and who are out there crushing their goals everyday. Tag us in you bare-faced photos or use our hashtag #livelifewithnofilter to be featured on our account! 


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